Who We Are

Our Vision

To see all those who live, work, and worship in Milo-Grogan experience a sustainable neighborhood. 

Our Mission

In order to improve the quality of life for all of those who live, work and worship in Milo-Grogan, we joyfully partner with residents and community stakeholders to know and engage our neighbors; foster leadership; and develop a healthy and economically vibrant neighborhood for underrepresented members of the community.


What We Believe:

  1. Relationships Are Everything: We were all created to be in relationship. We can only make progress when we acknowledge that these relationships have been broken. It’s systemic, it’s personal, and it’s part of our culture. To address any level of brokenness or poverty, we believe you must start and maintain honest, authentic and consistent relationships. Relationships create opportunity for change. 
  2. Asset-based Development: We believe that every person has been gifted with abilities, skill sets and valuable perspectives. Rather than focus on what’s lacking, we will focus on gifting and solutions. This affirms people’s dignity and creates an environment of growth rather than dependency.
  3. Be A Good Neighbor: Our work will depend on a holistic approach where everybody plays a role; individuals, families, businesses, and churches all working together. We are in the city, for the city, of the city. 
  4. The Grand Narrative of Restoration and Redemption: Our commitment to gospel-centered mercy work is our primary motivation to minister to the marginalized and forgotten in Milo-Grogan. As we grasp the immensity of grace freely given to us by Christ's death on the cross, we are compelled to be active participants in God's grand narrative of redemption.