Who We Are

Our Vision

To see all those who live, work, and worship in Milo-Grogan experience a thriving neighborhood. 

Our Mission

We exist to be a collaborative community resource by joyfully partnering with residents and community stakeholders to know & engage neighbors, foster leadership, and develop an economically vibrant neighborhood for all.


What We Believe:

  1. Relationships Are Everything: To create opportunities for change, you must start and maintain authentic and consistent relationships.

  2. Asset-based Development: By focusing on gifting and solutions, we affirm people's dignity and create an environment of growth rather than dependency.

  3. Be A Good Neighbor: Our work depends on a collaborative approach where everybody plays a role; individuals, families, businesses, and churches all working together.

  4. Neighborhood-Specific Solutions: We have a socioeconomic problem in Columbus with a wealth gap of 234% between neighborhoods. We believe having a neighborhood-specific approach is the answer to this larger city-wide problem. By being in Milo, for Milo, we have a place-based mission building into one neighborhood, modeling what needs to happen in other neighborhoods.